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ScarabWeb is yet to offer competitive hybrid cloud hosting solutions right in our Tier 4 Datacenter. With our hybrid cloud solutions you can configure your own specifications and multiple them into as many VM's as you want. ScarabWeb offers full scalability on how you want to turn your cloud infrastructure around. We offer one click upgrade and downgrade of specifications and many billing cycle including daily bulling. Our easy to use control panel features many and fast features to control your solution, including more then 500 OS templates and one click control panel installations.

Our hourly resource pricing

  • 1GB


    $0 .012 /hour
    $9 .00 /month
  • 1

    Cpu core

    $0 .012 /hour
    $9 .00 /month
  • 10GB

    sata san disk

    $0 .002 /hour
    1 .50 /month
  • 10GB

    SAS SAN Disk

    $0 .054 /hour
    $4 .00 /month
  • 10GB

    ssd san disk

    $0 .020 /hour
    $15 .00 /month
  • 1TB


    $0 .027 /hour
    $20 .00 /month
  • DISK I/O!


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Cloud Overview
  • Create & Manage Unlimited VM's Based On Your Specifications
  • Up to 32 Cores & 192GB RAM EACH of your VMs!
  • Manage multiple VMs in different Datacenters within ONE Account!
  • Pay as you go Hourly resource based billing! NO commit necessary!
  • Dedicated Cloud Account Manager to help at any time!
  • Senior System Engineers & Technical Consultants available per Request!
Cloud Control Panel
  • Over 500 OS applications (see list HERE)
  • Fully Manage as many VM's within one Account!
  • Automatically Scale your VMs up and down within a matter of minutes!
  • Load Balancer & Firewall Services Built in free to use!
  • Cloud Subaccounts & Permission Management built in!
  • Manage your custom App & OS VM templates.
  • See screenshots HERE or get your FREE account HERE
Cloud Features
  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • 3 Different Datacenter Locations Available and growing!
  • Latest Enterprise SAN Storage Technology (3PAR, VMA & EMC)
  • Full SSL, PCI, and DDOS protection for your cloud VM's
  • 24/7 Live Help from our senior administrators
  • 100% Automated everything!
  • Scale your Account from one VM up to 100s of VMs
  • Private Label Cloud Reseller Accounts and Subaccounts available!
  • 10Gbits High Available Network!
  • Built on Enterprise Grade Hardware & Software!
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Private Cloud
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Cloud Control Panel
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Or just create a Ticket in Client Area if you need help!
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