Illegal materials:
We don't allow any illegal materials that includes::

- Warez

- Law/AUP

- Anime ripping off videos from other sites (if you made the material you may host it on our site)

- Proxies- Proxies are not allowed what's so ever.

- Crack/Hacks/Viruses

- IRC Bots

- Other illegal sites (leaching etc..)

Spam / Unsolicited Mass E-mail:
Spam / Unsolicited Mass E-mail: The sending of Unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM) through our servers promoting any website or through third party servers promoting a website hosted by us can result in the suspension or termination of the customers web hosting account without refund. Mailing lists may be operated as long as individuals choose to subscribe to receive mailings via clear 'opt in' methods and a strict removal procedure is published in all mailings. 'Safelists' and other advertising related mailing lists may not be operated, Any complaints received are taken seriously and will be investigated in the time

PTE,PTR, and other email sending website are allowed, but must maximize the server usage and must have a valid mailing list just incase if requested for verification. We usually recommend those high usage scripts for a vps. To get a VPS please contact-us. Our servers can only send 100 Email per hour for every hosting account.

Backup data:
ScarabWeb do provide daily snap shot remote backups , however every user that's hosted on our servers are responsible to backup their websites daily. We are not responsible for any data lose or damaged, because we wont damage or remove your site unless your break the terms. If anything happens from our end we will sure have your backup .Customer agrees to maintain a current copy of all content hosted by ScarabWeb not withstanding any agreement by ScarabWeb to provide back up services.

Server Usage:
We don't allow overload of any of our servers. That mean you may not overload the resources of the servers such as CPU and RAM. Things that overload reseller are huge scripts, type of cgi scripts, and using your hosting for file dumping and leaching. Each user has a fair share of cpu and ram 25% (0.25 CPU units per core). If you want to run a huge script please upgrade to a VPS server.

Free Hosting And Free Services are allowed, but you must maximize the server usage. No abusing of the server resources as listed above the cpu and ram usage.

Account check:
We reserve the right to access your account and complete a full check. This is only for the security of the server and our other clients. We will not remove any of your files, content unless its breaking our Terms Of Service. We will not copy any of your content for our usage.

All affiliates must have their account active. Affiliate may not use their links for own signup usage (to signup for hosting for your self). Affiliate agrees that there is a 60 day hold on a commissions for fraud checking. Each person may only have one affiliate account.

Dedicated Servers:
Dedicated servers are to be paid 1 day before due date, failure to do so can cause your dedicated server to be suspended. Customer agrees that the purchased server can take up to 24 hours to setup (usually within 12). Customers are solely responsible for what goes and what is placed on their servers. Any DMCA complaints will be forwarded to the customer and he will have 24 hours to act or services might be suspended. Free OS reloads are done only (one) time per month. DDOS protection is only on network level and not server level.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee only if you don't like our service, which mean we will only refund a service if we are to fault. For example, you did not receive what was advertised, uptime fell, slow support. If its your fault or your trying to provide inappropriate or inaccurate reasons we wont provide a refund. We don't provide refunds on Add-ons. We don't provide refund if you requested ClientExec, WHMCS, Free Add-ons,or Dedicated ips when you order one of our reseller which may includes these features, or when you order them separately (if ordered separately we can refund the hosting package amount, but not the addons. If you request them and got them for free *included in package* we will not issue you a refund.). We don't offer refunds if huge resources were used or your broke the terms of service during the 30 day period. Refunds can take up to 5 business days to process and up to 15 days to be completed.

Termination of Account:
ScarabWeb may terminate your account only if you break the terms of service. Termination of account process are done by sending out a notification email stating the reasons of termination and that you may or may not have 24 hours to backup your site. No refunds are giving if your hosting account is terminated for breaking the terms of service. Termination account may also cause for none payment, if your invoices are not paid within 30 days (5 days for dedicated servers) after the due date your account will be terminated automatically, no backup given. Once account is terminated there is no way we can get it retrieve it.

Suspension of Account:
Your account may get suspended for multiple reasons. For example, you are are not paying your monthly or other cycle bills for your hosting account. You are breaking the terms of services. Other reasons may rise and will will be provided upon suspension. If your account is suspended and want to reinstate it you"ll have to pay a fee if pleaded guilty. Suspension of account due to breaking terms of service will not be refunded. Fees are from $5.00-$20.00.

Failure to Pay:
If you fail to pay your invoices in time your account will be in danger of getting suspended or terminated . Here are the break down chart

» After 3 days of the due date your account will get suspended and a late fee of 10% will be added.

» After 30 days of the due date your account will be terminated and canceled no backup given.

Please note for VPS and Dedicated servers the payment is due one day before the due date. Dedicated servers and vps will be terminate on the due date if payment is not done. If you want an extension please submit a ticket (we have the right to deny any extension)

If account is suspended for none payment and you decided to leave us open a support ticket for the backup. (Note you will have to pay the invoice before you can get the backup. If you want to avoid the none payment open the ticket before you're due date. For example, you're invoice is created on the 10th and you're due date is on the 17th you can create the ticket on the 16th, and then we will give the backup with out payment of invoice.

24/7 Support:
24 Hours support is based on resolving the ticket within the 24 hours mark. Please note some issues may require more then 24 hours (ie. transfer of content) Response time can take up to 50 minutes (usually its 30 minutes). If we believe the issue is going to take more then 24 hours we will respond in the ticket and give the reason.

Responsibility for Content:
You, as customer, are solely responsible for the content stored on and served by your ScarabWeb account. Or if you have a reseller you are also responsible for your customers account. Account of yours or your customer will be suspended or terminated if broken the terms of service.

Harassment is 100% prohibited at We do not tolerate harassment towards our staff that includes, using inappropriate or foul languages, threats to sue us or general threats. We have the right to terminate or suspend a client if those actions take place.

Dedicated IP's:
When ordering additional ip's or receiving them for free in our shared or reseller packages you must provide justification, of what you going to use your dedicated IP's. As pair of ARIN rules this must be done or no IP's will be given.

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