What is the best choice?

What is best for you?

We always get customers asking us what is best plan for you or service, here is a break down of our plans,

Shared Hosting:

This plan is for customers who want to start his own blog website or personal website. A shared hosting plan will include full range of services including email accounts, site builder, forwarding, and blog creator. So if your launching a personal website or a blog a shared hosting is more best for you.

Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting is used for allot of options, however the most  engaging use of reseller hosting is to start a small webhosting business. Most people start a hosting business or a community hosting provider with a reseller hosting. If your going to start a business or a hosting provider then you will go with a reseller hosting, however one hint we can give you is that once you reach 10 domains its best to upgrade to a vps or dedicated server, Hence our reseller hosting is the best in the business it even gives you the ability with features of a domain reseller and even a billing system.

Cloud Servers:

A cloud server is the most innovation part of the webhosting industrial. Recommended for scalability and  performance changes of a website.  A cloud server can manage for all kind of niches, webhosting business, high performance sites, gaming servers, or even multiple storage units.  With cloud servers option its best for people who wants to scale down and up with their server based on their configuration and usage needs.

Dedicated Servers :

This is for your own private sector space. With a dedicated server you get a full server with  full access. Turn your server into a hub, storage unit, or break it into portions to provide virtual private servers (VPS). Scarabweb would recommend a dedicated server for high performance websites, medium to large hosting providers, game servers , or for people who want no limitation on what they can do.

What is the best for you?
Tell us here and we will help you.

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New Dedicated Server Line

Did you see ScarabWeb new dedicated servers? We have new plans and new hardware lined up for new comers and existing clients.

Our servers merge from Intel Atoms to HUGE STORAGE XEON SERVERS.

We have 4 parts of servers

Intel Atom servers (Link http://www.scarabweb.com/services/dedicated/budgetservers.php)

Intel I’s Servers (Link http://www.scarabweb.com/services/dedicated/midrangeservers.php)

Multi Xeon Servers (http://www.scarabweb.com/services/dedicated/highendservers.php)

Storage Servers (http://www.scarabweb.com/services/dedicated/storageservers.php)

What else in our line up.

Well we expanded our build servers, meaning you can build your server with man configuration option from 1 Gb ram to 64 GB ram, from 2x HDD to 6X HDD, and upto 1 GBPS dedicated port bandwidth.

Still want a better server that serves you? Contact sales@scarabweb.com

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