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What is Database?

Database is an organized collection of the information, (data could be in the form of  almost every kind of information basically like text, tables, reports, scripts, graphics and etc.) which is used for a comfortable managing and systematizing, usually with … Continue reading

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How to get started?

Getting started. Well, first of all that means to start something new. That part is always very interesting and very exiting what is great! But what if never you never had a deal with that? What if you are not … Continue reading

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Why images on your homepage matter?

     Each website owner have some sort of aim to rise view statistics, all business companies would like to lure customers. The reason is that the homepage of your website is the first thing that visitors can see. You … Continue reading

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Hacking, Phishing and Malware

Nowadays developing internet world we have to learn more about some of the most common security risks, including hacking, phishing and malware and how to protect your sites and servers. Thankfully, many of these hazards can be avoided by making … Continue reading

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Best Practices for Data Backup

     The object of making backups is to restore the files in the event of a problem. When you are doing a serious business you know the importance of a good backup. Here we present best practices for Data Backup: … Continue reading

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How to get started as a reseller?

Tis money that begets money! Reseller could a person or company who buys a product or use the services at the same price and also sells or offers for another. In simple terms a reseller is simply resells the good … Continue reading

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Shared Hosting

One of the very popular types of the web hosting is actually shared hosting. Most of the web hosting companies do provide the shared hosting. Shared hosting means that you literally share your server resources with the other users which … Continue reading

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Which hosting type am I (Cloud)

Cloud Hosting is an innovative technology that is revolutionizing the way we do computing. The key concept of cloud is that you don’t buy the hardware, or even the software, with help of cloud hosting you make your investment smaller … Continue reading

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How to effectively manage your server?

If you decide to purchase a dedicated server you need to manage it really effectively not to miss out on some of the most important benefits. In some cases, poor management results in security loopholes that cost businesses and individuals huge … Continue reading

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How to best manage your own dedicated server?

Rapid development and implementation of new technologies in the world provides society with a wide range of opportunities for running different business ideas. This is why it’s very important to consider the basis needed for that in details. Widespread of e-commerce allows … Continue reading

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